The problems


Public Health

Public Health

Public Health

How can we improve the distribution of resouces so they reach where they are most needed? Is it possible to stay one step ahead of the virus?



Public Health

Public Health

How can we reactivate the economy without running the risk of relaunching the spiral of viral infections and going back to the starting point?

One more in the arsenal


Our proposition

We believe that it is essential to engage every smartphone user to collect a relatively small amount of data, in a completely anonymous way, from the largest amount of people.  Not locally, but on a global scale.  This data complements other sources.

Is there a precedent?

Yes, of course.  Those who use traffic navigation apps know that these systems only work thanks to the individual contributions of millions of users.  They are also global systems. 

Are we really missing data?

Yes, too much of it.  Here are some glaring examples:

  • We don't really know how many people might have had the virus without ever having had a test
  • We don´t really know how many elderly are passing away because of the virus because many did not even get to a hospital or were not visited by a doctor
  • Thare are countries in the world where they have not even recognised that covid-19 is an emergency that affects them too
  • Different countries have different capabilities when it comes to collecting data

What is your proposition then?

Basically we propose an anonimous guide/survey that can be completed from a smartphone.  We would only collect a device identifier and use it in encrypted form solely to detect duplicates.  At the end of the survey, advice would be provided to the user based on a risk factor that would be calculated using predictive models.  These models would use both the information provided in the individual survey as well as information in all other surveys (this is similar to detecting a traffic jam based on information provided by many drivers)

You can see a prototype in the following YouTube video

How would you use this data to improve public health?

Through Machine Learning techniques it would be possible to predict where new infection focal points are emerging even before the medical professionals got to know about it.  Having just a few days advance notice can be of great help when it comes to implementing localized social distancing measures or redirecting additional  medical resources where it is known that demand will increase.

How would you use this data to reactivate the economy?

Reactivating the economy necessarily implies reducing movement restrictions and opening borders.  The big challenge that nobody talked about yet is how to reopen borders and at the same time avoid that infections start shooting up again due to "imported cases" perhaps from places where it was not possible to bring the disease under control yet.

Data collected from a truly global survey would help us understand better which borders can be open and which ones require special treatment.  In a similar manner we could identify smaller geographies with low risk of infection (perhaps because a large number of people already had the illness) and therefore eliminate all forms of restriction or do so in a controlled manner.

Great, so what do we need to get this going?

We need:

  1. To create a system that is independent of any government or private enterprise so that there is no question about whose interests it is serving.  It must serve everyone on the planet.  The initiative should preferably be backed by a consortium of NGOs or a consortium of Universities
  2. Unconditional and wide support from politicians and enterprises from around the world so that the largest number of citizens take part
  3. An infrastructure to store and process data on a very large scale
  4. Convert the prototype into a production ready app capable of handling multi-language and available in the greatest number of countries possible

How can private enterprises contribute?

In many different ways and we would recognize this both in this web site and in the app itself.  We only ask that they do not try to appropriate the initiative not the data collected.

How can individuals contribute?

In two major ways:

  1. Right now, what we most need is support by talking and spreading the need.  If you can reach anyone with influence, tell them about the idea and the urgency to get started as soon as possible: in this case, time can save lives.
  2. We still need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Lawyers - to help us navigate any potential data privacy issues in different jurisdictions
  • Team managers - we have a lot of activities to be coordianted
  • Marketing specialists & PR personnel - help us reach the largest number of people
  • Graphic designers - we need to spruce this site, the app and the results that will be produced
  • Translators - to all contemporary languages still in use and for which an ISO language code exists
  • Software engineers - to get the smartphone app and back ends improved
  • Data scientists - to get the most from the data we collect
  • Big data infrastructure specialists - we could end up with billions of data points
  • Web site designers - to maintain this site as results start being produced
  • And many more that we have not thought about yet. Tell us what you think we have missed

If you want to take part, please get in touch via our contact page.

Who are we anyway?

We are a group of volunteers who took part in the Hackathon against covid.  We are normal people with a day job who offered our expertise and experience during a weekend to create something that could help.  From that initiative everything else is following.

We do not seek financial gain and the itention is that nobody else does it either.  This includes  private enterprises and governments.  The is for the common good.

It stands to reason that any initiative that can help with the health emergency and/or reactivation of the economy should be taken very seriously.  Together we are stronger.